🛁 Jonathan

✅ “Me taking a bath while you read a book for me”

Finding a man who was willing to read a book for me while I was taking a bath was much easier than finding a bathtub. But I managed to do it. In the end, I asked all my friends, and one of them lent us their bathroom for the shoot. Jonathan was excited, but I was worried if we had enough bath foam.

This was the most intimate episode out of ten. I was curious if this shoot would bring us closer, and it did – at least for me.

Do you remember the famous list of 36 questions formulated by psychologist Arthur Aron that can help you fall in love with someone? He explored the idea of whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions, and it turned out to be true. Some people who participated in the experiment even got married later.

I discovered that I don't even need 36 questions to feel close to someone. A bathtub, some foam, a book, and I'm yours. I just hope no one will use this personal information against me.

I didn't know Jonathan well before the shoot. We had just met that morning, had breakfast together, stopped at a store to purchase bubble bath, and then drove to the shooting location. Despite this brief acquaintance, the shoot made me feel cared for, loved, and accepted. I was feeling safe, comfy and relaxed, open and vulnerable in a positive way.

Finally I could just close my eyes and enjoy the moment.

This experience gave me an incredible sense of carefree lightness and, for a while, made me feel like I was in a loving and caring relationship filled with tenderness.