✨Me and Cezar

✅ “Sunset walk at the beach”
— Should I wear a white shirt?

— Why?

— I saw it on Instagram. It seems like all the dudes there walk along the beach in white shirts only, you know? And we will have to hold hands.

Cezar was all set for the photoshoot and was ready to walk back and forth on the beach with me, cuddled up, until it got dark or until I was happy with the result.

And I was happy with those photos. They turned out just like I pictured in my head. I know they're super cliche, but I guess I picked up the idea from all the love story photoshoots I've seen on Instagram. Photographers who shoot love stories in Bali (and not only in Bali) often go for similar looks.

Even Cezar knew what I was talking about when I said we were gonna shoot a "Happy couple sunset walk at the beach" kinda episode.

We could sell these photos on stock photo websites and people could buy them while searching for "beautiful couple walking along the beach." They could be used on travel websites or as the cover for articles on online media, like "5 tips: getting ready for a vacation." They could also work for a poster in a bank advertising like "Take out a loan and go on a romantic trip tomorrow."

Now as I look at these photos, if I didn't know the people in the pictures, I would think that it's a real couple. To me, this series of photos looks frighteningly realistic.

This gives me a weird feeling.

Because I know these two people barely know each other. They met an hour ago. Now they're walking along the beach, but they'll never see each other again.

Yet when I look at the photos, my brain completes the story of a real, true love. In reality, that love never existed.

I was thinking, how many Instagram photos appear to be showing us those perfect couples, whereas in reality the feelings and relationships there are far from genuine? I just don't know about it.