🎾 Correy

✅ “Playing tennis together”

I wasn’t sure if he would show up. But Correy woke up at 6 AM to be at the tennis court by 7 AM. He did it even though he went out the night before. For Bali, this is unexpected behavior.

People in Bali often cancel dates a couple of hours before or even in 10 minutes before. Some people don’t show up at all and always have an excuse. Of course they do. One of them told me his cat was giving birth, which was why he couldn’t come for dinner. Another one was “too tired after a long day”. Later on the same day I saw him walking along the beach with another girl.

So Correy showing up at 7:00 AM after a sleepless night is a real hero.

Why did we go for tennis? Because I like to play tennis and it would be great if my future partner could play it too.

On my way to the tennis court, I was thinking not just about tennis but also about all my hobbies and about the possibility of meeting a man who could share at least half of them.

But do men have to fit into all my hobbies? And can I see myself with someone who only likes some of my spare time activities? To clarify my thoughts, I made a list:

Would be great if my future partner:

︎ Played tennis

︎ Went to gym

︎ Did surfing (not too bad and not too good)︎

︎ Played chess

︎ Did pilates

In this case, we could do all these activities together. It could be so much fun! Afterwards, I made a list not only of hobbies which I would love to share with my future partner. I put all my expectations into one list.

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Would be great if my future partner...

︎ had a sense of humor

︎ had a job

︎ spoke English

︎ liked to cook

︎ liked to do dishes

︎  didn't drink too much

︎  didn't go to parties too often

︎  didn't smoke

︎ loved my friends

︎ was smart

︎ understood my Instagram-blogging passion

︎ respected my family

︎ was handsome

︎ was passionate about life

︎ was supportive

︎ was kind

︎  wa sunderstanding

︎ had some future goals

︎ had a nice taste in music

︎ had a driver's license

︎ was well-educated

︎ was loving and caring

︎ played the guitar

︎ was funny

︎ was brave

︎ was open-minded,

︎ loved being outdoors

︎ was honest

︎ didn't wake up too early in the morning

︎ put effort into their work field

︎ Emotionally available

︎ was emotionally available

︎ was trustworthy

︎ was responsible

︎ was grateful

︎ was athletic

︎ went to the dentist once a year

︎ took care of their health

︎ never Cheated

︎ was romantic

︎ meditated but not in a crazy spiritual way

︎ had a beard

︎  wasn't a cheap skate

︎ earned enough money

︎  didn't work too much

︎ was patient

︎ was generous

︎ loved cats 

︎ loved to read

︎ had good relationships with their family

︎ Loved me

︎ Had sense of purpose

︎ communicated their feelings well

︎ was commitment-minded

︎ had charm 

︎ was mature

︎ loved to travel

︎ was able to watch my favorite indie movies

︎ loved living close to the ocean,

︎ shared my values

︎ had great style

︎ could work remotely

︎ had a lovely smile

︎ had a sense of purpose


if I need to make it shorter, which 3 boxes would I pick?

︎ ?

︎ ?

︎ ?

 I go for

︎ was kind

︎ was kind

︎ was kind