🍲 Me and William

✅  “Cook toghether”

My exes confirm that I am not a great cook. I’ve never been seriously interested in cooking. I’ve never really liked it. Cooking seems to me time-consuming and not much fun. I'd rather put my energy in something else.

When I was living in Russia, I used to cook breakfast and to take lunch boxes to the office. I cooked everything that was simple and fast to prepare. Having moved to Bali, I stopped cooking at all. Eating out is easy and affordable here. I don't know any Bali expats who’d cook regularly.

So, if my partner loved cooking, it would be priceless. I would appreciate it so very much. That's why the point “Сooking together” was added to my dream list. When I found out that William was a chef, I invited him to take part in this episode.

Looking like a proper couple, we rode to the supermarket on one bike. At the vegetable department, we started our shopping and then moved on to the olive oil and spices section. After that, we visited the fish department and picked up some shrimp. Finally, we grabbed noodles and a bottle of wine.

This little grocery adventure felt so wonderful to me. I miss these simple joys of being in a relationship, where you can experience the daily routines together and rest your chin on your partner's shoulder while waiting in line at the checkout.

A hundred times I have seen lovely couples and families in this store (I like to observe people in public). And now we were one of them. I finally felt like I fit into society's expectations at that exact moment at the cashier's desk. For a second, it even seemed like the girl at the cash-desk was happy for me, happy for me having a partner.

We cooked in the shared kitchen at the hotel where he was staying, which he wouldn't call a kitchen, but it had everything we needed to cook.

We cooked noodles with seafood, kind of an Asian dish. I honestly told him that I barely cook. So, he’d better do most of the cooking. Although I helped with tasks such as washing the vegetables and peeling the shrimp, I mostly stood nearby, sipping my wine and enjoying our conversation. We talked about everything a little bit. You know what happens when people just meet and they want to immediately know as much as possible about each other.

I stood by the window with a glass of wine, watching as William sautéed vegetables and boiled the noodles in a saucepan. He occasionally glanced at me and smiled.

What a night! He is cooking dinner for us. Is it real? This is something new for me.