🏠 🐈 Me and Lenny

✅  “A family portrait at home“
Lenny was the first man who I met through a photo project. He was extremely supportive. He was convinced that we were doing something cool and meaningful,  even more than me.

Three years ago, I found this cat in the garbage bin next to my house. The cute little ginger boy immediately won my heart and we have become best friends ever since. He sleeps in my bed, brings me mice, lizards and birds as gifts, and always asks to be scratched behind the ears. He never misses a meal and keeps me company when I work on the computer. He sits next to me while I am taking English lessons, doing client calls or watching something educational.

I love this cat so much. Yet, sometimes I wonder:

What if I become a cat lady?

You know what the term “cat lady” means, right? It’s often used to describe someone being single, kooky, and weird.

Sure, I’m not insane. I know, it's just a cat. Yet, sometimes the stereotype is hard to shake. My mind wonders what if I ended up being with 35 cats and still single? I don’t want this.

And it's so unfair what society keeps telling us about cat ladies all the time. And not a single word about cat gentlemen. Why would I even bother? Can’t I just enjoy my time with a cat if I am single?

So, I took some pictures of my “perfect family at home” in order to feel like everything is just fine. Now I finally don’t need to worry about the cat lady story.

I feel the most lonely and helpless in IKEA and other similar shops.

There I find myself surrounded by people who are in relationships, newly engaged, planning to move in together, married, expecting a baby, or already having kids.

And then there’s me, alone. That sucks.

Every time I have to choose a set of wine glasses, houseplants, kitchen knives, or curtains, I feel lonely. You know what I mean.

That's why I added this episode “Choosing houseplants together” to my list. This way, I could experience it as if I were in a couple. It was wonderful and fun. Even though it was just for a photo project, for a second, I felt like it was real.

I hope that one day I’ll be choosing monsteras with my significant other. And we will bring home a few big ones.